Recently I was blocked from posting on a Page on Facebook, and I didn’t understand why this had happened to me. This Blog Post will be a little out of the norm of my usual posts, but I think it’s important for everyone who uses face book for business (especially) and for social interaction.

Everyone who interacts with Facebook needs to read this post, so tell your friends. Reading this could make the difference between keeping your Facebook account and losing it.

When you get Blocked by Facebook you get a pop up that tells you you are being spammy, forces you to check a box agreeing that you understand face book terms & conditions and then blocks you for 15 days from posting on pages. It blocks you from posting to you personal profile as well as your business profile (but you can still post on your own pages) so it makes interacting on face book difficult.

It all comes down to the amount, repetition & timing of your posts so Liking a lot of pages in a row (as you do with silent tagging) is a flag to Facebook.


Have you come across this pop-up message from Facebook before? “Warning! Your statement could be disabled. You are using this feature to spam other users. Continued misuse of Facebook features will result in your statement being disabled.”

This action has grave consequences like blocking you from adding friends or worse, terminating your account.

There are many forums on the net with people complaining about these penalties. Most contact Facebook and ask them why they are being banned, what they are doing wrong, and how they can stop this problem in the future? Sadly a massive number of these inquiries have gone unanswered.


Facebook uses a proprietary algorithms for determining uncommon usage. The system automatically disables accounts whereas the reinstatement process is manual. Facebook says that the speed at which you are acting and the sheer number of actions you have made are both taken into account. After a tiny bit of analysis it’s pretty simple to determine what methods are considered spam.



Facebook has a way of weighing the amount of friend you have versus the number of messages you send out daily. It is understandable that you might send out 50 regular messages if you have 100 friends on your account. However, if you are sending out 1000 messages and you only have 100 friends this might look like spam to Facebook.


Browsing through different profiles and writing the exact same surround post on everybody’s surround raises a red flag! There’s a high possibility that Facebook will see this as spam activity. What you should do is be creative. Switch up and tweak the content you are creating. Otherwise you are acting like a Spammer!

                                                                    **BIG BROTHER FACEBOOK IS WATCHING YOU!”


Facebook also thinks about how active your Facebook inbox is. There is a huge chance that facebook also computes the average message usage for apiece user. if you exceed or begin outside a certain deviation from the normal usage you will be warned and possibly banned.


Facebook keeps track of your time while using their services. A sudden surge in usage will set off Facebook alarms. An example might be your statement has not been touched for a couple of days, no messages, no surround post, nothing, then suddenly you are sending out 50 messages. Facebook might think about this as an uncommon behavior or spamming.


All the info that has been said earlier in this post are pretty much added up and used to create an overall Facebook Activity Factor which is one-of-a-kind for apiece and each user. Falling outside this FAC will definitely get Facebook’s attention (in a bad way). You might receive a warning like the one displayed at the beginning of this post and if your behavior is not corrected, punishment will occur.

Some people are upset because of the Facebook Algorithm, but the bottom line is that Facebook has good intentions.

                                                                                                                                                                Many thanks to  Adam O’Hern


-Posting a similar comment on a number of pages repeatedly will get you blocked.

-When you tag multiple pages in short succession will get you blocked.

-Embedding images repeatedly in a single comment thread, will get you blocked.

-Posting similar comments on a number of posts on yours or someone elses  page wall, will get you blocked.

-Tagging/Commenting/Posting/ Sharing/Embedding in quick succession, or in a repetitive fashion will be flagged as Spam, and get you blocked.

The trick is to be slow and steady while doing these things. Spread out your posts/tags, write original comments (not cut & paste) and don’t be repetitive.


-You will not send or otherwise post unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) on Facebook.

  This is pretty vague, but it is what you are agreeing to. If Facebook is determing spam by repetition, timing, quantity, etc… than that is what we need to consider when taking action on Facebook.

-You will not tag users or send email invitations to non-users without their consent.

Ask yourself if the person you are tagging would want you to tag them? If the answer is no, or if you would be too uncomfortable asking, then that might be an indication that tagging them is spam-ish.


                                                                                                                            FINAL NOTE

You cannot put all your eggs in one Facebook basket. You have no ownership of your little piece of Facebook real estate–you are merely a squatter at the mercy of Facebook’s ever-changing rules, lack of transparency and general glitchiness. Use Facebook to genuinely interact with people, set up your own site to run your business.

-Focus on gaining 100 true fans rather than 100 random likers.

   All of the tagging business is spam-ish. And gaining likers that way isn’t really going to help your business. Focus on your true fans, and genuinely interact with them.

-Be aware of how your actions as page owners are perceived.

-Try not to be spam-ish when selling your things.

                                                                                                                                                      Many Thanks to Karen Gunton

I really hope this enlightens everyone who reads it. Feel free to add comment about problems you’ve encountered with Facebook, or any tips you may be able to give to others who use Facebook.

                                                                                HEADS UP!!!  AN ADDITION TO THIS POST

Recently a friend told me about a problem she encountered on Facebook. She said that she was cleaning up her Facebook friends list, just deleting people that she never talks to and doesn’t have anything in common with anymore. She only got through the “A’s”. After she was done, she was told by Facebook that she wasn’t logged in (she’d been on the site for at least an hour by then), and to log in. So she logged in, then was told that she was band from friending people for the next 7 days, then she had to agree to only friend people that she knew where going to accept her friends request. Now I ask you two questions: Why did Facebook let her delete friends when she wasn’t logged in, and what does making sure that all friends requests she sends will be accepted by the recipient, have to do with deleting friends she has nothing in common with? As anybody else had these sorts of problems? If you have let me know and I will add them here.



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  1. Thank you so much for posting these criteria for Facebook’s definition of SPAM. I must admit that when I receive 7 or 8 messages a day from a person who sells jewelry parts on easily available sites, like Etsy, at that number, it becomes Spam!!! It is maddening to have to cull through dozens of their self-promoting ads to find out what your family or real friends are doing. I have a fairly good idea of the jewelry I like to look at – and it does not benefit me to receive these spam messages 1

    • Hi Madame, all points of view are greatly appreciated on my blog, and that’s why I will be publishing yours with this reply. I’m sure there are a ton of artist who don’t have a clue that when they post in certain ways that they are spamming, I for one did not know that. In your case if you do not want to receive messages like this you have the ability to block them. I’m also sure that there are very few people who know what your jewelry preference is. The point is that most people who sell online are not out to spam anyone, they’re just not sure of what the criteria are. With this blog post they will know how to conduct themselves on facebook as well as other social sites. Maybe you could post this blog to your blog to let your followers know what’s expected? If you’re an artist who sells online social marketing is your best tool, but you need to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. Thank You for your comment.

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