A Tribute To 9-11


I wanted to take time out to pay my respect to all of the victims, their families, and all of the fist responders to the 9-11 terrorist attacks. I for one will never forget that day. I didn’t know anyone who worked and died in the Towers, but like everyone else I’ll never forget.

The question has been asked many times over the years, “Where were you and what were you doing when the planes crashed into the Towers?”

My Response: I was with my mother shopping in Fashion Bug. We heard the people around us in the store talking about what happened, so we ran over to Wal-Mart and watched it on TV.

How did I feel? I was shocked and horrified! My thought was how could this happen in the USA? Then I thought this must be a joke? I thought maybe a plane had engine trouble and just crashed into the first building. Then I saw the second plane crash into the second building, that’s when I knew it was deliberate. Then my heart went out to all of those people working in the buildings, then all the people on the ground, then all their families and friends. My final thought was disgust! How could somebody do this to these innocent people? Then rage took over. When I think about it today, I feel the same way I did then, rage, disgust, and a profound sadness for all the loss of the innocent. For all the people who went to work that day, like any other day believing that they would be going home to their families at the end of the day.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this is something I’ll never forget. I’ll also never forget this year because my mother died two months later, and the last memory I have of our time together was on this day, 9-11-2001.

Final Thought:  terrorism doesn’t only happen in other countries it happens in our own backyard and we are just as vulnerable.

Please add your comments to this post. Where were you when this happened? How did you feel and how do you feel now?





                                                Falling Towers/Rising Hope

Jean Potter: By the Grace of God:   Eighty-one flights of stairs were all that stood between Jean Potter and safety. As she raced for the exit, she heard a remarkable voice: “It is not your time to die.”

Debbie Almontaser: Teacher, Mother, New York Muslim: When she heard the news, the prayer came immediately to her lips: Please God, please don’t let it be Muslims that are responsible for this.

Charles Cook: 117 Days in “The Hole”:  He knew the second he took in a lungful of Ground Zero’s toxic dust that it would make him very sick. He stayed anyway.

Jennifer Adams and the Families of 9-11: When Tower Two came down, it took with it one of Jennifer’s closest friends. So she raised her voice for families that didn’t have one.

Mikki Baloy Davis: Finding Healing: “It was surreal. That’s the only word that works. People in hazmat suits were cleaning the building.”

                                                                  Many Thanks:  www.Beliefnet.com  




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  2. HI, Connie. Beautiful tribute. I was at work….I was in a meeting in my office with one of my coworkers, and I had the radio tuned to WGY-I always listen to talk radio all day at work. The two of us started hearing wierd snippets of info on the radio, so we stopped our discussion and turned the radio up. We listened for a few minutes, then I opened my door. My boss had a small TV in his office at that time, and we realized that the rest of the office staff was in his office watching the TV. We even had a copier repairman in that day, and he was in there watching it with us. We watched off and on most of the day, or listened to the radio. I don’t think anyone got much work done. At the end of the day, I was so anxious to pick up my son, who was 11 at the time. When I got to him, I just hugged him tightly. Our family sat in front of the TV all night watching things develop. My heart was heavy for days. My most vivid memory is seeing people who were looking for lost relatives. I particularly remember a young girl crying, saying “Please help me find my dad,” and she had a flyer with his picture on it.

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