Who’s Sari?


Hey, have you made your Sari piece for Bsueboutiques, Sari Ribbon Blog Hop? Today is the day to pick up all of the  participants blog addresses, from http://www.Bsueboutiques.typepad.com/  

I finished my piece a couple of weeks ago but I’m not too thrilled with it, so I decided to make something else instead, and at the last-minute. I must be insane! Oh well, I’m just not happy with the one I did, but I do have a great piece in mind:-))))) Can’t wait to see everyone’s entires! It’s going to be great!!!!!  See you all on Friday!


About jewelsdesignscreativecorner

I'm a designer/artist/crafter and all around creative professional. I've been honing my skills for the past 47 years. Since I was a small child. I sold my first piece of art when I was about 7 years old. I'm an entrepreneur and a business owner (JewelsDesigns.org). I display and sell my designs on many different art and social venues. From Facebook to YardSellr to Myspace to LinkedIn, and many more. I'm always interested in featuring my peers in the art world, and do so regularly on my website. My motto is: "If something is done with artistic intent, then it is considered art." I am a mother of one 30 year old daughter and a grandma to a 6 year old grandson, who is the love of my life:-) I love to go camping and fishing, and I've caught some huge bass and catfish! I recently got married for the second time, and I'll be married, to the other love of my life, four years on Sept.1st. I love to read, watch movies with my husband, spend time with my little man, listen to music, and........

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  1. Hey Vee, I just redid all of my components for the “new” piece, now I’m waiting for them to dry then I’ll have to put them together:-) I think I’m going to be happy with this piece:-))) I think I had a problem with the first piece, besides the fact that it was my first time using Sari Ribbon, because it’s so messy! I’m not use to making messy pieces, I like my stuff uniformed I guess:-) Anyway I can’t wait to see yours and everyone’s, it going to be great!

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