BEWARE!!!! Tis The Season……..Year Round!


To Be SCAMMED!!!!!! The Holidays are apon us and the scammers are out in force! You would have thought the evil doers would have went away with Halloween! Everyone must be wary of these freaks of nature, and be on the look out for them.

                                                                       DON”T BE SCAMMED THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!

Recently I received this email:

i am an oceanograher and am currently on the sea at the moment, i am buying your blanket as a gift for my Mum, i want to make it a surprise gift for her,she won’t know anything about the gift until they get delivered to her.So i want you to reassure me that the item is in good condition as you have described. I can only pay through PayPal. So please kindly get back to immediately so i can proceed with the payment and after the payment has been done,i have a pick up agent that will come around to pick the item up immediately after payment. (this persons email address, just in case you get one from them:

  Anyone can see that this is a scam. I knew it right off because I’ve received a few of these in the past, but I also know that there are some people (business owners) that would fall for this. They’ll give out their PayPal information, their name and their address.  DON”T FALL FOR THIS AND OTHER SCAMS!!!!!!

I’m getting off my beaten track to inform everyone out there, business owners in particular, that the holiday season is the worst for this kind of thing, and to be wary of everyone who buys from you and/or sends you emails like the one I got. Here are some other scams you should be weary of:

-Laws in other countries may be quite different from those in the US. Refuse US buyers or sellers who claim they’re out of the country and request goods or money sent overseas. Recently I got one of these types of purchase requests, but I didn’t fall for it.

-Google Maps’ Street View can help accurately assess the risk of fulfilling a suspicious order. If the address looks like an abandoned building, call to determine if the buyer actually made the purchase. I use Google Maps’ Street View all the time, for most of my orders, and so should you. It’s free and it’s a great way to check out an address.

-To fight “Click Fraud”, businesses should monitor order velocity for multiple orders placed within the same day, hour or even minute, typically appearing from one device, address, credit card, or user ID.

-“Friendly Fraud” involves a buyer claiming he never purchased or received an item. A delivery confirmation form will establish that an item is delivered for PayPal transactions, but insurance or registration on international orders can be prohibitively expensive. Cast a wary eye on orders from known hotbeds such as Eastern Europe, Russia, and China, to name a few, but be aware that fraud gangs now operate out of most everywhere. I always insure every order that leaves my site, and I don’t care how much more I need to charge my customers, in or outside of the US. It’s for their protection as well as mine.

-Careful spelling is the first step in avoiding typo-squatting (as well as other scams such as my email above. Notice how this person has mis-spelled her words? Also notice the “I” she types it like this “i”.) It’s a small thing but a huge RED FLAG for a business owner. What is Typo-Squatting? Typo squatting is someone who register a domain name that is within a keystroke of a legitimate business (such as Compac for Compaq). Businesses victimized by typo-squatters can seek recourse with the Federal courts, which have increasingly ruled against the cyber squatters for domain name infringement.

………and the list goes on and on and on………I could be here for a month telling you about all the scams out there! So if you want to know more, you can go to these sites or just Google “SCAMS” in your browser. The list is endless!


Researching this post was an eye opener for me, and I hope it is  for everyone else who reads it. This is important information so please pass it on. Don’t be a victim, be PROACTIVE!


                                                  Have a happy, healthy and safe Holiday Season.


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I'm a designer/artist/crafter and all around creative professional. I've been honing my skills for the past 47 years. Since I was a small child. I sold my first piece of art when I was about 7 years old. I'm an entrepreneur and a business owner ( I display and sell my designs on many different art and social venues. From Facebook to YardSellr to Myspace to LinkedIn, and many more. I'm always interested in featuring my peers in the art world, and do so regularly on my website. My motto is: "If something is done with artistic intent, then it is considered art." I am a mother of one 30 year old daughter and a grandma to a 6 year old grandson, who is the love of my life:-) I love to go camping and fishing, and I've caught some huge bass and catfish! I recently got married for the second time, and I'll be married, to the other love of my life, four years on Sept.1st. I love to read, watch movies with my husband, spend time with my little man, listen to music, and........

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  1. I received the same email for one of our products advertised on Facebook market place. Since we are a new business I was very excited to receive a potential sale! :p

    We operate in Australia but the contact address given by ‘Sarah Smith’ for herself and her shipping agent were for the States and when I pointed this out, she replied with an abrupt email saying ‘don’t bother yourself with shipping, just send me the contact details’ – exact same sentence copied word for word from a previous email she sent me.

    Thats when I googled the various email addresses for Sarah Smith and the courier service.. and yeah.. scam central. Grrrrrrrr! Apparently this Sarah Smith is very active around Christmas season so beware.

    Very thankful we didn’t fall into the trap! Thanks for sharing this info.

    • Thanks for your reply. This has definitely happened to me too as I’m sure it’s happened to many others. The thing to remember when you get an offer like this, is to always stick to your preferred purchase and shipping plan. Basically these people think everyone needs a quick buck and they’ll do anything to get it! Also most of these scammers are out of Africa. There not only trying to do their scams at Christmas time, but all through the year, so watch out! I’ve found that the worst site for these types of scams is on Craigs List.

  2. I too have gotten these. You hit the nail on the head with the misspellings. Red Flag #1. Also verbiage that is unusual like “I honorly request the benefit of contract with you”. Red Flag #2. People who message me and tell me they can only pay with Paypal but then ask for my Paypal address (instead of just buying the Etsy item and paying for it), Red Flag #3. People who offer to pay way more for the item, or have a courier pick it up. Red Flag #4 and 5. Other requests talk about buying 100’s or 1000’s of my items if I will just send them one free sample. NEVER do this. A trick that the Chinese will do is buy one of your items, then reverse engineer it and make hundreds of thousands of cheap, lead and pewter based knock offs. I do not know how to avoid this other than not sell or ship to China, but someone in the US could just buy the item and ship it to them as their agent.
    Go with your gut. If anything feels wrong. It is! Better to be safe.
    Happy Selling!
    Dr Brassy

    • Red Flag #6 watch out for the sweet talking psychos out there too, who use religion, single mom, and Cancer to try to swindle you out of your hard earned money. Red Flag #7 Watch out for anybody from Africa trying to buy something from you. If you have encountered anything like these things in your business please add them here! Thanks Dr Brassy!

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