My 365 Days of Art: Day #21


                                                        Black Widow Ensemble


Beautiful Hand Painted, Black Widow Ensemble. The length of the Necklace is 22″, the Bracelet is 7.5″ (standard), and the Earrings are 2″ long. This three-piece set is made with Black Metal Chains, Gunmetal Peanut Chains, Findings, Toggle Clasp, Lobsterclaw Clasp. The set is finished off with Black Jet Beads, Silver Frosted Pearls, and a large (2″) Hand Painted Shell Pendant. This is another Designer Original, One-of-a-kind, ensemble from Jewels Designs. It’s a part of our Black Velvet Jewelry Line. Makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves Black, White and Silver. Imagine the necklace against a white or silver outfit, or can even be worn with a brightly colored outfit:-)





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