My 365 Days of Art: Day #43


                                                                            Madame Mary Ellen Pleasant Necklace


Madame Mary Ellen Pleasant, was known to San Franciscans as “Mammy” Pleasant. Many called her a saint, and others called her a sinner. She was a Georgia slave, the daughter of a white man and a Haitian quadroon. She often passed for a white child. She actually had to paint her skin to pass for black when she worked for the underground railroad. She could pass for a white woman, but she choose to take her place in society as a member of her own race. She opened a “boarding house”. She manipulated the lives of all her girls. Her influential clientele became so large that she added more houses throughout San Francisco. She hired as many Negroes as she could. She also hired them to spy for her. She was informed of everything going on in her town, from financial gains to scandals and she used them all to her advantage. She did more than rule others, she gave of herself and her money. She was heavy into civil rights and sent large checks to abolitionist, John Brown. She died in 1904 as an insolvent debtor, and she was 92.

Beautiful Madame Mary Ellen Pleasant Necklace is 18″ long, and made with Bright Silver Chains, Toggle Clasp, and Findings (silver & gunmetal). Black Metal Fur Elis Connectors, Large Bow Connector/Centerpiece, and Large Rhinestone & Black Jet Stone Tips,  Silver Crucifix (3″ long). This is another Designer Original from Jewels Designs Madame Steampunk Jewelry Line. Add a pair of silver earrings and a bracelet from our site to finish off this lovely piece of art. Check out all of our fantastic pieces of art at Jewels Designs, home of Madame Steampunk.




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