My 365 Days of Art: Day #46


Madame Veronica Baldwin Earrings


Madame Veronica Baldwin was notorious for shooting her cousin, Lucky Baldwin, and her name was splashed across the nation’s headlines from 1883 to 1887. The claim was that her assaulted her (and fathered her child). She shot him when he was assaulting her. Lucky claimed that she was blackmailing him. The next headline she made was when she said her cousin had had her committed to a state mental asylum in California. She moved to Denver in the late 1890’s and opened a business on 2020 Market Street. It was said that Lucky provided her with the money for the venture. Her clientele were wealthy and famous and came by invitation only. A visit to her parlor house was not easily forgotten. When Denver’s Red Light District closed in 1915, she calmly moved to the most fashionable neighborhood, and lived a quiet, dignified life. She never spoke of her past.

Madame Veronica Baldwin Earrings, are 2.5″ long, and made with Antique Copper (non-tarnishing) Findings, Fan Charm Connectors, Engraved Beads, Hook Earwires, and Gold Opal Crystal Beads. Another Designer Original from Jewels Designs Madame Steampunk Jewelry Line. Would look great with that simple black dress, and/or a copper-colored outfit. Check out these earrings and other art pieces at Jewels Designs.




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