Jewels Designs Feature Artist of the Month, March is open to the public today, March 1st.

                       Our New Artist for this month is Yours Turley, Jewels Designs, Connie Rios-Relyea!

We also have a new shop opening today, we call it, “The Copper and More Shop” and every piece in it is brand new. We hope you’ll go and take a peek at our New Happenings. You also may like to try out our new addition, it is an Interactive Book that gives you a preview of our new shop, you can find it here:

…..And to celebrate my birthday, this month, all of my Newsletter Subscribers with get a Gift! If you’re not a subscriber you can become one Here:



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  1. Connie, I enjoyed reading your post about you! I didn’t realize how many types of arts and crafts/techniques that you are familiar with. I like reading that you are self taught…I try to learn that way, too, and it seems to work best for me. Thanks for sharing your information. And your very wise four pearls of wisdom. Best of luck to you in your new ventures, and your continuing ventures!!

    • Hi Terry, thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement:-) I’m so glad that you liked my feature. I’ve always been interested in all kinds of art/crafts and I’ve tried to learn everything I could over the years, and like my quote says, “I’m still learning”. Probably always will be:-) I think everyone has the ability to create in one form or another, but it comes down to wanting to do it or not. Us crafty creatures (that would make a great name for a website! LOL), know all about that:-) Thanks Again Terry and good luck to you too!!!

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