My 365 Days of Art: Day #74


                                                                                 Bahamas Ensemble




Beautiful Bahamas Ensemble, is a 3-piece set that includes a 20″ Necklace, 7.5″ Bracelet (standard size), and 2″ long Earrings. This set is made with Gold-Filled Findings, Hook Earwires, Lobsterclaw Clasps, Beads (copper) and Wire Wrapping. It’s topped off with Natural Seashell Beads, Natural Lapis Lazuli Square Beads and a Large Petrified Fossil Stone Centerpiece. Another Designer Original from Jewels Designs, Sun, Sand and Sea Jewelry Line. Take this ensemble along on your next trip to the Islands. Makes a fantastic gift! Check out this set and all of our other art pieces at Jewels Designs. One-of-a-kind, can be sold by the piece or the set.





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