My 365 Days of Art: Day #95


                   Jewels Designs is having a Spring Cleaning Event and the prices are falling like a fine Spring Shower!

                                We will be lowering our prices at to make room for our new stock

                                                                                        and all of our Customers will benefit!

               Over 300 items will be slashed for quick sale! Check out some of the items right here and more on our site.

















Cristal Garden Necklace   WAS:  $148.00  NOW:  $74.00                                   Cristal Charm Bracelet  WAS:  $48.00   NOW:  $32.00





Papillon  Fleur-1 Bracelet     

WAS:  $64.00    NOW:  $34.00



















Cristal Cone Flower Cuff   WAS:  $48.00   NOW:  $34.00                                                                 Begonia Set  WAS:  $98.00     NOW:  $68.00




















Sunrise Ensemble  WAS:  $92.00    NOW:  $46.00



                                                                                        Oysters In The Sea Necklace   WAS:  $82.00     NOW:  $42.00











Sand Dunes Ensemble  WAS:  $120.00   NOW:  $60.00                                                       Bahamas Ensemble   WAS:  $107.00     NOW:  $54.00


















Grace Ensemble  WAS:  $124.00    NOW:  $62.00

Victoria Ensemble   WAS:  $120.00    NOW:  $60.00



We will be adding more items daily until over 300 items have been reduced! Come and check out all of our Designer Art Pieces, Craft/Art Books and Fiber Art Gifts at Jewels Designs.

**NOTE:  Had a problem getting all the prices on the above itmes, but you can find them all on our site along with the descriptions.**

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