My 365 Days of Art: Day # 118


                                                       JEWELS DESIGNS RING BOUTIQUE MOTHERS DAY CONTEST! is having a Mothers Day Paragraph Contest and it begin on May 1!

Here is how it works: Post a paragraph (no more than 100 words) about a special time that you and your mom shared together. It can be anything. Post it to our Page Wall, you can even add a photo of you and your mom if you like. Start posting on May 1. On May 6, we will start our voting for the best post (no you CAN NOT vote for your own post). You have to be a Fan of our page to enter and to vote. If you aren’t a Fan, just go to our Page and click on the LIKE button (upper right hand corner under the banner). On May 8, we will announce our winner and ship our their prize (hopefully they’ll receive their prize before Mothers Day, so if they choose, they can give it to their mom). Follow the link above and enter your Post on May 1.

                                                                          HERE IS WHAT THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE!!!

                                                                           Mystic Topaz & Sterling Silver Solitaire Ring

If you have any questions email me on facebook or send your questions here:

                                                Start think of those special times with your mom, and Good Luck!!!


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