My 365 Days of Art: Day #139


                                                               What are you giving your Dad for Father’s Day?


Standard Size: 45″x55″

Sales Price:  $125.00


What will you be giving your Dad for Father’s Day? Do you need help finding that special, Limited Edition Gift for the special man in your life? Dose your Dad lover sports? Would appreciate something different and out of the ordinary this years? How about you skip the Light Up Tie, and give him a Hand Crocheted Sports Team Blanket from Jewels Designs Sports Team Blanket Shop!

All of our blankets are Hand Crocheted with Premium High Quality Yarn. Easy Care, just Machine Wash & Dry! They won’t shrink, fade, unravel or bleed. 

What, we don’t have your Dads Team! No worries, we can re-create any team in our design! Custom Orders Always Welcome. Each piece is professionally hand crocheted, all edges are finished and there are no loose threads.

Our Designer Blankets are made to last for generations and are heirloom quality. We hold the only pattern and none of our pieces will be over produced!

                         It doesn’t take forever to complete one, either! We can whip one up for you in 2 to 4 weeks!!

                                        Check out all of our Designer Sports Team Blankets and other Handmade Gifts at Jewels Designs.


40+ Years of Crochet Experience goes into ever piece!




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