My 365 Day of Art: Day #145


Vintage Dale Earnhardt Jr Blanket


Standard Size: 50″x 72″

Sale Price:  $200.00 Plus Shipping


I call this a “Vintage” Dale Earnhardt Jr Blanket, because it’s Juniors original number 8, and a Collectors Piece. Where do you think you could find an item with his original number? Do you know someone who LOVES Earnhardt Jr and would like a blanket like this one? Check out Jewels Designs Sports Team Blankets for all of our designer original pieces. All of our blankets are Hand Crocheted with Premium Yarn. They’re Easy Care, just Machine Wash & Dry, and they won’t bleed, fade, shrink or unravel. Our Blankets are Professionally Finished and there are no loose threads! All of our NASCAR blankets are extra special, because it takes a lot of time and effort to get them to look like the above piece. These are Charted (Intarsia) Crochet Blankets, and this one has 5 colors changes, which is very difficult. These blankets take longer to create (longer than our 2 color pieces), 6-8 weeks, but they are well worth the wait. If you would rather have Juniors current number we can do that too! Custom Orders are always welcome at Jewels Designs. We can re-create any team/club logo-Emblem in our design, just send us an email with your preference. Makes a fantastic gift for any sports enthusiast! These are all Limited Edition Art Pieces, that will never be over produced, we guarantee it!


No Loose Threads!


Professionally Finished Edges!




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