My 365 Days of Art: Day #156


Ice De Cristal Flowers-Series #4


Blue Yellow Cone Flowers-Size: 50mm- Sale Price: $3.00 each (limited quantities)


Mini Rosebuds-Size: 30 x 40mm- Sale Price: $2.50 each (limited quantities)


Red & Yellow Cone Flowers-Size: 50mm-Sale Price: $3.00 each (limited quantities)


What would you create with these Beautiful Ice De Cristal Flower Components? How about adding a splash of color to you bag, by adding one of our pretty Cone Flowers to it? Maybe even add one to your hair or even you sandals? These are a Jewels Designs, Exclusive Creation, and they can be used for an assortment of craft project! Check out all of our components at Jewels Designs. Need a little design inspiration, check out the bottom of this Blog Page🙂


Peach Calla Lilies-Size: 20mm-Sale Price: $1.25 each (discount when you buy in bulk)


Assorted Blooms-Size: 50mm-Sale Price: $3.00 each (limited quantities)


Hot Pink/Pearl Center Flowers-Size: 35mm-Sale Price: $3.00 each (limited quantities)


Roses & Waterlilies-Size: 40mm-Sale Price: $2.98 each  (limited quantities)





Who’s Sari Necklace: Size: 22.5″ long-Sale Price: $58.00 One-of-a-kind Piece


Ice De Cristal Tutorial


                                                                       **Click on the links or photos for more details.**





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