My 365 Days of Art: Day #179


                                                                                         Jewels Designs Prices Are Dropping!!!!!

                                                                                      *Madame Steampunk Necklaces-Page #3*


Madame Nell Gwyne Necklace   SALE:  $28.00


Madame Big Nose Kate Necklace   SALE:  $28.00


The Swarm Necklace   SALE:  $36.00


Madame Lizzie McGrath Necklace  SALE:  $28.00


Queen Of The Night Necklace   SALE:  $28.00


The Lovell Sisters Necklace (and ensemble pieces)   SALE:  $32.00


Madame Lola Montez Necklace   SALE:  $38.00


The Ryan Girls Necklace   SALE: $30.00


Madame Josephine Marcus  SALE:  $32.00


Doing Time Necklace  SALE:  $32.00


*All Of The Above Pieces Are One-Of-A-Kind.*





*Click on the Links or Photos for more details.*


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