Hey Everybody! Just wanted to add a little more about me:-) Here goes!

I Live and breath art/crafts/design! I own a website filled with my designs and they’re all for sale. I try to add more inventory every day (I haven’t got a clue where I find the time! LOL). I still have a huge inventory that needs to be added, and I make more stuff daily. I wish I had 48 hour days! LOL 

Anyway, I’m a mother of a 30 year old daughter, and a grandma of a (almost) 7 year old grandson, who is the Love of my life:-). I’m a retired Child Daycare Administrator of 25 years. I love to cook, bake, eat, hangout with my friends (online & off), my husband (bestfriend), and my beautiful grandson “D”. I LOVE meeting new people!  Ilove starting (and for the most part finishing) new projects. I always have something in the works. I enjoy helping out my fellow artists, blogging, participating in groups, starting new websites, and being on a variety of social sites and artist sites. You can find www.JewelsDesigns.com (my company) in a variety of venues. My passion at the momnet is jewelry; making and inventing new jewelry components, such as, my Ice De Cristal Components & Accessories. I’ve been honing my skills for the past 41+ years, and I’ve tried my hand at many things. My passions cover anything from crochet to wire wrapping to inventions, to paper & floral art, and so on…..

I’m easy to get along with and I really enjoy the differences as well as the sameness in people. It gives me great joy to help other artists through my different venuses on my website (and soon on my Blogs). I’ve started The Feature Artist of the Month and The Artist Spotlight, both places were I feature artists and their work. In the near future I will be adding Feature Guests to my Blogs (you’re the first to know this, I haven’t mentioned this anywhere else). I consider myself a generous person, who has been burned in the past (a lot). I’ve had to learn the hard way to pick and choose my friends, over the years, and that’s a hard thing for me (not helping someone who needs my help). All in all life is good. I’m doing what I was always meant to do, my art and sharing it with millions. I still love all my adopted babies (who are all adults now, most with their own babies) that I’ve had in my care over the years, but my heart is truely where it belongs:-) 

Hope I didn’t ramble too much! I hope you enjoy my blog for years to come. If you have any suggestions or any questions feel free to comment.

My Grandson


MeMy grandson & is big bassMy husdand & our dog Bubba


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