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My 365 Days of Art: Day #159


                                                                    Ice De Cristal Components-Series #6


Peach-Orange Butterflies-Size: 50 x 100mm-Sale Price: $4.00 each (two pieces available)


Assorted Butterflies-Size: 35 x 60mm-Sale Price: $12.00 (four piece set- one set available)


Blue Bows-Size: 20 x 25mm-Sale Price: $2.48 (set of 2-two sets available)


Add these Ice De Cristal Components, to your next Craft Project. These components are versatile and can be used to embellish an assortment of craft project, anything from: Hats, to Shoes, to Paper Craft Projects, to Purses. Let your creativity run wild with these beautiful pieces! Check out all of Jewels Designs, Ice De Cristal Components, or try your hand at making them with our Tutorial.


Pink Bows-Size: 20 x 25mm-Sale Price: $4.48 (set of two-two sets available)


Assorted Leaves-Sizes: Asst: 20mm to 50mm-Sale Price: $3.00 set of five (unlimited available)


White Glitter Butterflies-Size: 40 x 75mm-Sale Price: $3.00 each (twenty-two available)







Email: JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


Everything Cristal Charm Bracelet: Sale Price: $32.00 One-of-a-kind Piece


Ice De Cristal Tutorial






My 365 Days of Art: Day #7


                                                                       Cristal Charm Bracelet











This is another mixed bag/everything but the kitchen sink, bracelet. It’s 7.5″ long, and made with:  Our original designed Ice De Cristal Components (flowers, leaves, and bows), Assorted Mixed Metal Charms, Cameo Cabs, Cristal Beads, Ox Copper Chains and Bar Clasp. Check out how we made the Ice De Cristal Components HERE. This piece is a Jewels Designs Signature Designer Original. You can see all of our designs on Jewel Designs. You can find this bracelet in two of our Lines:  Pretty Jewels and Ice De Cristal Accessories.


Links:    http://www.JewelsDesigns.org/ice_de_cristal_accessories_shop.html