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My 365 Days of Art: Day #164


                                                                                          Jewels Designs Prices are DROPPING!!!!


                                                                 **We start are price cuts with our Ice De Cristal Accessories-Page- 1.**


Cristal Peach & Blue Rose Cuff      SALE:  $14.00


Cristal Cone Flower Cuff    SALE: $18.00


Lime Rose Cuff     SALE:  $14.00


Cristal Garden Necklace     SALE:  $26.00


Cristal Charm Bracelet   SALE:  $18.00


Douceur De Vivre Bracelet     SALE:  $18.00


Papillon Fleur-1 Bracelet     SALE:  $18.00


Papillon Fleur-2 Bracelet    SALE:  $18.00


Oiseau Fleur Bracelet      SALE:  $18.00





Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com

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My 365 Days of Art: Day #158


Ice De Cristal Flowers-Series #5


Sugar Rosebuds-2-Size: 40 x 60mm-$5.50 each (limited quantities available )


Sugar Cream/Peach Roses-Sizes: 60 x 70mm, 60 x 60mm, 30 x 60mm-Sale Price: $4.75, $5.25, $5.00 (limited quantities)


Blue/Purple Begonias-Size: 70mm-Sale Price: $3.50 each (limited quantities available)


Beautiful Ice De Cristal Flowers-Series #5, is an exclusive design by Jewels Designs. These flower component would look fantastic on an assortment of craft projects, anything from: Keepsake boxes, to clothing, to shoes, to hair accessories. There’s no limit to their uses! Embellish your handbags, your flip-flops, or your wedding party favors. These beautiful life-like flowers will add a touch of color to any project. Check out these flowers listed here and all of our other Ice De Cristal Components on Jewels Designs. Need a little inspiration check out the bottom of this Blog Post. Want to know how to make them, that is also at the bottom of this post!

Burgundy Flower-Size: 65mm-Sale Price: $4.00 (one available)


White Cone Flower-Size: 110mm-Sale Price: $6.50 (one available)


Orange Lilies-Size: 40 x 140mm-Sale Price: $6.50 (limited quantities available)





Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


Begonia Set (Necklace & Earrings)-Sizes: Necklace-22″, Earrings: 2″L-Sale Price: $68.00 (one-of-a-kind)


Ice De Cristal Tutorial


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