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My 365 Days of Art: Day #172


                                                                                         Jewels Designs Prices Are Dropping!!!


                                                                                               *Pretty Jewels Shop-Page #4*


Jenette Necklace   SALE: $24.00


Tiffany Earrings   SALE:  $18.00


Nicole Earrings   SALE:  $18.00


Grandmas Love Ensemble (3 pc set)   SALE:  $32.00


Everything Bracelet   SALE:  $24.00


Lime Rose Cuff   SALE:  $14.00


Cristal Charm Bracelet   SALE: $18.00


Cristal Garden Necklace   SALE:  $26.00


Cristal Peach & Blue Rose Cuff Bracelet   SALE:  $14.00


Petals In Winter Necklace   SALE:  $28.00


Tangerine & Copper Bracelet   SALE:  $22.00





Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


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My 365 Days of Art: Day #160



                                                                Ice De Cristal Components-Series #7


Purple Glitter Butterflies-Size: 70 x 110mm-Sale Price: $4.00 each (two available)


Hot Pink Butterflies-Size: 50 x 100mm-Sale Price: $4.00 each (four available)


Honey Brown Butterflies-Size: 50 x 100mm-Sale Price: $4.00 each (3 available)


Butterflies, Butterflies Everywhere! Check out these beautiful Ice De Cristal Components. Embellish your craft projects with these beautiful life-like butterflies! The can be used to enhance your Hair Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry, Paper Crafts, and even your Sandals! Check out all of our Ice De Cristal Components at Jewels Designs.


Black/Green Butterflies-Size: 50 x 100mm-Price: $4.00 each (three available)


Small Yellow Glitter Butterflies-Size: 70 x 80mm & 70 x 110mm-Sale Price: $3.50 each (two small and one large available)


Blue/Yellow Butterflies-Size: 50 x 100mm-Sale Price: $4.00 each (two available)






Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


Papillon Fleur-2 Cuff Bracelet-Sale Price: $34.00 (one-of-a-kind piece)


Ice De Cristal Tutorial

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My 365 Days of Art: Day #147


                                                                                          Papillion Fleur-1 Cuff Bracelet


Ice De Cristal Components

Antique Copper Wired Cuff Base

Sale Price: $34.00


This Beautiful Papillion Fleur-1 Bracelet, has an Adjustable Cuff  Antique Copper Wire Cuff Bracelet with Jewels Designs Exclusive Ice De Cristal Component top (Rose, Butterfly & Leaves). This piece can be found in our Ice De Cristal Accessories Shop. This particular bracelet was also recently featured in Unique Women In Business. Check out this art piece and all of our other art work at Jewels Designs.One-of-a-kind.






Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com

My 365 Days of Art: Day #52


                                                                                    Rosalee Filigree Cuff Bracelet


Someone is going to win this bracelet tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 22! Just follow this link: http://www.facebook.com/JewelsDesignsShop and “Like” my page. You will be automatically entered to win this beautiful Silver Filigree Cuff Bracelet, a Jewels Designs Original. Good Luck!!!                                       We will also be having an Exclusive Secret Sale for our Fans Only, beginning on the same day!


Beautiful Rosalee Silver Filigree Cuff Bracelet. Adjustable Sizing. Made with a Silver Filigree Base Bracelet, Gold Brass Leaves, Dragonfly and a Pretty Lavender and White Ceramic Rosebud. Another Designer Original from Jewels Designs Pretty Jewels Line. Would look fantastic with all your Spring & Summer attire. This is a one-of-a-kind piece. Check out this piece and all of our other handcrafted works of art at Jewels Designs.

Links:  http://www.JewelsDesigns.org/pretty_jewels_2.html






Email:   JewelsDesigns@artlover.com