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My 365 Days of Art: Day #163


                                               Jewels Designs is going to be Re-Vamping Our Website, AGAIN!!!!


Jewels Designs is going to be going through a few changes in the months to come. First off we will be having a Sitewide, Sidewalk Sale. We will be reducing all of our Designer Jewelry and Books to ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!!!

Then……. we will be taking shops out and adding new shops. We are determined to give our customers what they really want! We’ve had many suggesting and requests from our loyal customers and we now have the means and determination to give all of you want you really want.

All we ask is that you are patient with us as we go through all of changes and updates. We will let everyone know when we will be set up for our Sitewide Sidewalk Sale.

Check Back Often For All The Details!!



Email: JewelsDesigns@artlover.com