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My 365 Days of Art: Day #167



Jewels Designs Prices are DROPPING!!!


*Ice De Cristal Cabochons-Page #3.


Navy & Lime Wire Wrapped Cab  SALE:  $15.00


Red Rock Cab in Setting   SALE: $12.00


Pink Passion Gem Cab  $8.00


Blue Shell Flower Cab  SALE: $10.00


Ebony Eye Teardrop Cab  SALE:  $8.00


Floral Cameo Cab  SALE:  $10.00


Lemon Teardrop Cab  SALE: $8.00


Pink & Green Rock  SALE: $8.00


Copper Oval Cab  SALE:  $8.00


Red Rock Teardrop Cab   SALE:  $8.00


Rainbow Teardrop  SALE:  $12.00


Red Rock Heart-2  SALE:  $10.00


Green Pearls Cab  SALE:  $10.00


Colored Sugar Cab  SALE:  $10.00


Cristal Pink Heart  SALE:  $10.00





Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


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My 365 Days of Art: Day #165




                                                                          Jewels Designs Prices are DROPPING!!!!


                                                                       **Ice De Cristal Accessories Shop-Page #2.**


Belle Fleur Cameo Ring   SALE: $14.00


Twisted Cowgirl Hat   SALE:  $28.00


Begonia Set    SALE:  $28.00


Bleu Fonce’ Set   SALE:  $32.00


Hello Kitty Bracelet    SALE:  $14.00


Brulee & Teal Bracelet  SALE:  $14.00


Who’s Sari Necklace  SALE: $28.00




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My 365 Days of Art: Day #160



                                                                Ice De Cristal Components-Series #7


Purple Glitter Butterflies-Size: 70 x 110mm-Sale Price: $4.00 each (two available)


Hot Pink Butterflies-Size: 50 x 100mm-Sale Price: $4.00 each (four available)


Honey Brown Butterflies-Size: 50 x 100mm-Sale Price: $4.00 each (3 available)


Butterflies, Butterflies Everywhere! Check out these beautiful Ice De Cristal Components. Embellish your craft projects with these beautiful life-like butterflies! The can be used to enhance your Hair Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry, Paper Crafts, and even your Sandals! Check out all of our Ice De Cristal Components at Jewels Designs.


Black/Green Butterflies-Size: 50 x 100mm-Price: $4.00 each (three available)


Small Yellow Glitter Butterflies-Size: 70 x 80mm & 70 x 110mm-Sale Price: $3.50 each (two small and one large available)


Blue/Yellow Butterflies-Size: 50 x 100mm-Sale Price: $4.00 each (two available)






Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


Papillon Fleur-2 Cuff Bracelet-Sale Price: $34.00 (one-of-a-kind piece)


Ice De Cristal Tutorial

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My 365 Days of Art: Day #155


                                                                                                    Ice De Cristal Flowers-Series #3


Orange Mums, Size: 3.5″  , $3.50 each (25 available)


Ruby Roses,  Size: 3.5″,  Sale Price: $3.50  each (5 available)


Amethyst & Yellow Cone Flowers, Size: 50mm, Sale Price:  $3.00 each (seven available)


Add these Beautiful, Life-Like Ice De Cristal Flower to your next craft project! Embellish your purse, shoes and/or Hair Accessories. What will you make with these Exclusive Designer Original Flower Components from Jewels Designs. We have a large assortment of components to choose from at Jewels Designs.

Orange-Red-Peach Flowers, Size: 40mm, Sale Price: $3.00 (limited quantities available)


Assorted Yellow Flower Set, Size: 35 x 20mm,  Sale Price:  $6.00 (6 piece set ) (one set available)


Sugar Yellow Rose, Size: 60 x 90mm, Sale Price:  $5.75 (one available)







Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


Oiseau Fleur Bracelet, Sale Price: $34.00  One-of-a-kind Piece


Ice De Cristal Tutorial


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My 365 Days of Art: Day #147


                                                                                          Papillion Fleur-1 Cuff Bracelet


Ice De Cristal Components

Antique Copper Wired Cuff Base

Sale Price: $34.00


This Beautiful Papillion Fleur-1 Bracelet, has an Adjustable Cuff  Antique Copper Wire Cuff Bracelet with Jewels Designs Exclusive Ice De Cristal Component top (Rose, Butterfly & Leaves). This piece can be found in our Ice De Cristal Accessories Shop. This particular bracelet was also recently featured in Unique Women In Business. Check out this art piece and all of our other art work at Jewels Designs.One-of-a-kind.






Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com

My 365 Days of Art: Day #97


                                                           More Ice De Cristal Components & Cabochons

                                                          Why make them when you can WIN them!!

Contest Began Yesterday, 4-5-2011 and Ends:  5-5-2012

Photo Submission Ends:  4-30-2012

Check out all the details here:  My 365 Days of Art: Day #96











































*We have a limited supply on most of our Components and our Cabochons are One-of-a-kind.*

If you are going to enter our Contest you must get your supplies early, before they are SOLD OUT!

Send Questions/Photo Submissions to:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com