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My 365 Days of Art: Day #137


                                                                    What are you giving your Dad for Father’s Day?

Standard Size:  45″x 55″

Sale Price:  $125.00  plus shipping


What are you giving your Dad for Father’s Day? Dose he lover sports? Is he the type of man that can appreciate; Designer, Limited Edition Art? The go and check out Jewels Designs, Sports Team Blanket Shop, and find that perfect Gift for the special man in your life!  What, we don’t have his favorite Team in our shop! No worries, you can custom order his favorite team and it will be ready in 2 to 4 weeks!! Each blanket is Professionally Hand Crocheted with High Quality Easy Care Yarn. Just Machine Wash & Dry and you don’t need to bring it to the Cleaners! Colors will not bleed or fade and piece will not shrink! These pieces have professionally finished edges, no hanging or loose threads, and are made to last for generations. Each blanket is heirloom quality. We hold the only pattern to these blankets and we guarantee each one is a Limited Edition Piece of Art, that will never be over produced. Check out the blanket pictured or any of our other blankets/gifts at Jewels Designs.






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My 365 Days of Art: Day #111


                                                                           Jewels Designs Sports Team Blankets  Set #2


Green Bay Packers    45″x55″

Pittsburgh Steelers    45″x 55″                                                                      HALF PRICE SALE:  $125.00


Vintage Dale Earnhardt Jr (old #8)     50″x 70″

Jimmy Johnson (Jimmi)  48″x 70″

Jeff Gordon  35″x 70″                                                             HALF PRICE SALE:  $200.00


Beautiful Hand Crocheted Sports Team Blankets. This is our second set of blankets, we posted our fist set yesterday (#110). These pieces are made with High Quality Yarn. They’re easy care Machine Wash & Dry. They are made to last for generation, and have professionally finished edges, and won’t fray, bleed, unravel or shrink. They are backed with our complete guarantee and 40+ years of crochet experience and they’re on sale right now. Designer Originals, Exclusive Limited Edition Pieces from Jewels Designs Sports Team Blankets Shop. We hold the only patterns for these blankets, and they will never be over produced. Check out these pieces and all of our other art designs at Jewels Designs. We do accept Custom Orders for any team. All we need is a clear photo and three weeks to crochet the piece. We take great pride in every blanket we create, but our NASCAR Blankets are our favorites! The color changes in these pieces are amazing and extremely  time-consuming. They are truly a work of art!












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Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


My 365 Day of Art: Day #110


                                                                          Jewels Designs Sports Team Blankets-Set #1


San Francisco 49ers   48″x 58″

NY Mets   45″x 55″

Oakland Raiders  48″x 68″

Dallas Cowboys  45″x 55″

NY Yankees   45″x 55″

Phillies    45″x 55″

NY Giants   46″x 68″

Buffalo Bills   46″x 68″

Giants   46″x 68″                                             HALF PRICE SALE:  $125.00


Beautiful Hand Crocheted Sports Team Blankets. Easy Care, Machine Wash & Dry. Made to last for Generations, we NOT Run, Bleed, Fade, Unravel or Shrink. Made with High Quality Yarn in the Intarsia Style of Crochet, and all edges are professionally finished. These pieces come with a guarantee based on 40+ years of experience in the art of crochet. Each individual blanket is designed and crocheted to our specification. Another Designer Original from Jewels Designs, Sports Team Blanket Shop. These pieces are all Limited Editions and will never be over produced. We hold the only pattern for these and any other teams blankets that we produce in the future. These are perfect gifts for any collector/someone who is hard to buy for, and the best part is that they’re half price right now! Check out these pieces and all of our other designer handmade art at Jewels Designs. We also except custom orders! All we need is a clear photo of your team and about 3 weeks to create the piece.













Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com