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My 365 Days of Art: Day #133


Natural Uncut Raw Aquamarine Stone Pendant

“The Stone of Courage.”

Yardeller Sale:  $53.00

Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quite the mind. It has an affinity with sensitive people. It can evoke tolerance of others and overcomes judgmentalism, giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility. Clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect and clears confusion. Useful for closure on all levels.

Promotes self-expression. Soothes fears and increases sensitivity. Sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance. Wonderful for meditation. Highly protective during pregnancy, it helps to guard both mother and baby from harm. Discourages miscarriage.

Chakra: Throat. Shields the aura and aligns the Chakras.

Aquamarine is helpful to sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid problems. It regulates hormones and growth. Boosts the immune system and alleviates overreactions, such as hayfever or allergies. Counteracts short-orlong- sightedness.

19th Anniversary Gemstone

March’s Birthstone.

                                                                                                                                             Side View


Beautiful Natural Uncut Raw Aquamarine Stone Pendant, is Hand Wire Wrapped with Silver Wire. 139 ct, 27 grams, size: 39.25 x 23.20 x 22mm. Would look fantastic hung from a Sterling Silver or Steel Chain,  and/or Rubber or Chinese Silk Neckcord. Let us design a special piece for you or that special person on your gift list. Custom Orders always welcome. Makes a perfect gift for someone having a baby, someone with allergies, someone with hormone or immune disorders. Also is a fantastic gift for anyone born in March. Another Designer Original from Jewels Designs. Only sold on our Yardsellr Page. If you are looking for a particular stone maybe we can help. Our supplier has an assortment of natural authentic stone available. Send us an email with the particulars/custom order requests. One-of-a-kind. Check out this pendant and all of our other works of art at Jewels Designs, Yardsellr Page.

                                                                                                                                                            Back View





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My 365 Days of Art: Day #125


                                                                  Natural Uncut Raw Wire Wrapped Amethyst Stone Pendant

Price: $62.00 USD

Beautiful Natural Uncut Amethyst Stone Pendant, is Hand Wire Wrapped with Amethyst Alloy Wire. This unique piece would look fantastic on a Simple Chain, Rubber or Chinese Silk Neckcord, or a Custom Design Beaded Necklace. Custom orders are always welcomed. If you are looking for a particular stone we can probably find it for you. We can custom design a neck piece for you with the stone featured here or any stone of your choice. This is a another Designer Original, from Jewels Designs. Sold on our Yardsellr Page or our Face Book Profile Page (not sold on our website). This would make a perfect Mothers Day and/or Birthday Gift. Check out all of our Hand wire wrapped stone on our Yardsellr Page. Free Shipping US Only. $7.00 Shipping out side the US. 63 grams, 315 ct, 3″ long. One-of-a-kind.


Large Clear Quartz Crystal is SOLD!




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