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Jewels Designs Art/Craft Directory


                                                                                          Jewels Designs Art/Craft Directory

Jewels Designs is now accepting applications for entry into our Art/Craft Directory. All artists and crafters are welcome to submit an application. This is a FREE service for a short time. Once we receive your application we will view your site and let you know if you are accepted.

Follow this link for our application:  http://www.JewelsDesigns.org/directory_application.html

We are also offering spots in our directory where you can add 3 photos and 250 word background piece for a small fee. Check out the application for details.

We will also be submitting are Art/Craft Directory to our social/business sites on a regular weekly bases. Jewels Designs has over 3500 followers and 1,000 website hits per week.

                                                                                                       Partner with us and be seen by thousands!

Best Regards,

      Jewels Designs

Jewels Designs Grand Re-Opening

Ice De Cristal Video


Today a new YouTube Video will be released for my Ice De Cristal Components. Brenda Sue Lansdowne ( www.BsueBoutiques.com  )will be creating her version of my Ice De Cristal Components. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that link up today. If you’re interested in making these components, this video is a must see:-)

I use Ribbon, Paper and Silk components for my Ice De Cristal Line.

Coating with Mod Podge


Sealing with ICE ResinFinished Components

Finished Components