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My 365 Days of Art: Day #188


                                                                                             Jewels Designs Prices Are Dropping!!!!

*The Gift Gallery Bracelet Shop.*


Charming Bracelet   SALE: $18.00


Flowers & Pearls Bracelet  SALE: $14.00


Pink & Silver  Bracelet  SALE: $14.00


Gold Opals Bracelet  SALE:  $18.00


Ripe Limes Bracelet  SALE: $16.00


Blue Moon Bracelet  SALE: $18.00


Water Lilies Bracelet  SALE:  $18.00


                                                                                          *All of the above Bracelets are One-Of-A-Kind.*




Email: JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


*Click on the Links or the Photos for more details.*





My 365 Days of Art: Day #166


                                                             Jewels Designs prices are DROPPING!!!!


                                                          **Ice De Cristal Cabochons-Page #1.**


Green & White Pearl Wired Cab  SALE:  $15.00


Lava Rock Cab  SALE:  $14.00


Blues Cab  SALE: $10.00


Blue Stick Cab   SALE: $10.00


Copper Fleck Heart Cab  SALE:  $10.00


Freshwater Pearls & Red Flecks Cab  SALE: $10.00


Goth Gem Cab   SALE:  $8.00


Copper Brick Cab   SALE:  $10.00


Lemon Drop Cab  SALE:  $10.00


Garnet Cab  SALE:  $10.00


Aqua Bubbles Cab  SALE:  $8.00


Red Rock Square Cab  SALE:  $8.00


Flower Shell Cab  SALE:  $10.00


Pink & Peach Jewel Cab   SALE: $8.00





Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


**Click on the links or the photos for more details.**

My 365 Days of Art: Day #151


                                                                                            Jewels Designs Detash Boxes are on SALE!!


Pearl Detash Boxes

400+ Pieces, SALE: $30.00 FREE SHIPPING US ONLY (we pay half the shipping if shipped outside the US!!!

Beautiful & Economical Pearl Detash Boxes, now on SALE on Jewels Designs, Yardsellr Page! 400+ Premium Glass Pearls are included in every box. Sizes: 2,4,6,8,10,12mm. This box of pearls is great for any aspiring jewelry artist and/or professional Jewelry Artisan. Beautiful and Brilliant describe these pearls!!! Use them for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, key chains, beaded clothing, ie, wedding dresses, shawls, dresses, shoes, etc……… We also are offering, Jewelry Detash Boxes:


400+ Pieces SALE: $30.00, Plus FREE SHIPPING (US ONLY, if you live outside the US we pay half your shipping)

400+ Assorted Jewelry Findings & Finished Pieces.


More Beautiful Jewelry Detash Boxes!! 400+ Pieces of Jewelry Findings & Finished Jewelry Pieces in one box! Jewels Designs Yardsellr Page is having a Detash Box Sale, get yours while they last! All Premium Brand New Pieces. Great for aspiring Jewelry Artist and/or Professional Artisan. Each Box has an assortment of items to make, bracelets, Earring, Necklaces, key chains, everything you need is included. No two boxes are the same. Purchase your boxes while they’re still available.

Brilliant Colors!!!




Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


My 365 Days of Art: Day #119


Pearl & Ruby Bracelet


Beautiful Pearl & Ruby Bracelet, is 7.5″ long and made with Gold-Filled Findings, Lobsterclaw Clasp, Chains, Ruby Swarvoski Crystal Beads and Natural Freshwater Pearl (cream). Another Designer Original, from Jewels Designs  Back Room/Bargain Basement Shop. Makes a wonderful Mothers Day Gift and/or Birthday Present. Who doesn’t love Pearl & Rubies, and you can’t beat the price!!! One-of-a-kind. Check out this bracelet and all of our other designer art pieces at Jewels Designs.

SALE:  $28.00






My 365 Days of Art: Day #105


                                                                                        Pretty Jewels Cuff Bracelets-Set #2
































SALE:  $30.00



More Beautiful Pretty Jewels Cuff Bracelets, Adjustable Silver Floral Bracelet Bases and Embellished with Gold Brass Butterflies, Dragonflies, Flowers, Ceramic Rosebud, Opal Cab, Pearl, and Blue Swarvoski Crystals. These pieces are Designer Originals from Jewels Designs, Pretty Jewels Shop. They would make fantastic One-0f-a-kind gifts, or buy one for yourself. These Cuffs are marked down for quick sale. We need to move out our current inventory to make room for new stock, and our customers will benefit. Check out these Bracelets and all of our other art designs at Jewels Designs.






Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


My 365 Days of Art: Day #95


                   Jewels Designs is having a Spring Cleaning Event and the prices are falling like a fine Spring Shower!

                                We will be lowering our prices at www.JewelsDesigns.org to make room for our new stock

                                                                                        and all of our Customers will benefit!

               Over 300 items will be slashed for quick sale! Check out some of the items right here and more on our site.

















Cristal Garden Necklace   WAS:  $148.00  NOW:  $74.00                                   Cristal Charm Bracelet  WAS:  $48.00   NOW:  $32.00





Papillon  Fleur-1 Bracelet     

WAS:  $64.00    NOW:  $34.00



















Cristal Cone Flower Cuff   WAS:  $48.00   NOW:  $34.00                                                                 Begonia Set  WAS:  $98.00     NOW:  $68.00




















Sunrise Ensemble  WAS:  $92.00    NOW:  $46.00



                                                                                        Oysters In The Sea Necklace   WAS:  $82.00     NOW:  $42.00











Sand Dunes Ensemble  WAS:  $120.00   NOW:  $60.00                                                       Bahamas Ensemble   WAS:  $107.00     NOW:  $54.00


















Grace Ensemble  WAS:  $124.00    NOW:  $62.00

Victoria Ensemble   WAS:  $120.00    NOW:  $60.00



We will be adding more items daily until over 300 items have been reduced! Come and check out all of our Designer Art Pieces, Craft/Art Books and Fiber Art Gifts at Jewels Designs.

**NOTE:  Had a problem getting all the prices on the above itmes, but you can find them all on our site along with the descriptions.**

My 365 Days of Art: Day #94


                                                                               Chocolate & Turquoise Rope Necklace


Beautiful & Versatile describes this 33″ long Chocolate & Turquoise Rope Necklace. It’s made with Turquoise, Chocolate Mother-of-Pearl and Gold Ribbed Beads. You can wear this piece in many different ways: As one piece, Knotted, Double Length, or Triple Length. It can also be worn with any outfit for any occasion. Wear it to work, or to drinks with friends or to your next party.  An other Designer Original from Jewels Designs, The Back Room/Bargain Basement. Check out this piece and all of our other art designs at Jewels Designs. One-of-a-kind.


Sale:  $38.00










Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com