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My 365 Days of Art: Day #49


                                                                    Madame Julia Bulette 2 Earrings

Madame Julia Bulette, was a very fortunate woman for her time, she made enough money to live in her own cottage. Her home was in Virginia City, Nevada. She was reputed to receive as much as $1,000. per night for her favors. She was well liked by the miners; her generosity and donations to charity earned her a measure of respect and gratitude. She nursed the sick and injured men back to health, fought a smallpox epidemic, fed the poor. In 1867 at the age of 35, Julia was murdered. She was found strangled, shot, suffocated and severely beaten and everything she had was stolen. Her friends gave her the most expensive funeral the city had ever seen and all the saloons closed for the first time in their history. She was allowed a Catholic srvice, but she could not be buried in consecrated soil, due to her profession. She lies in a lonely grave with a wooden marker that reads “Julia”, but her good deeds and kindnesses have made her a legend in Virginia City. A man named John Millian was convicted and hung on Apirl 27, 1868 for the murder of Julia Bulette.

Madame Julia Bulette 2 Earings, are 2″ long and made with Silver Findings, Connectors, Hook Earwires, Cogs, and Black & White Victorian Lady Cameo Cabochons. Another Designer Original from Jewels Designs Madame Steampunk Jewelry Line. These are a one-of-a-kind pair, and can be worn with any outfit. Check these earrings out and other art pieces by JewelsDesigns.

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