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My 365 Days of Art: Day #142


                                                                                        What are you giving your Dad for Father’s Day?


Standard Size:  46″x 68″

Sale Price:  $125.00 Plus Shipping


Is your Dad Unique? Dose he love art? Well then, you need to check out Jewels Designs, Sports Team Blanket Shop! What, we don’t have his favorite team? No worries, we can re-create any Team in our design. Custom Orders are alway welcome at Jewels Designs. We hand Crochet every blanket we sell, with Premium High Quality Easy Care Yarn. Just Machine Wash & Dry, no need for a Cleaners. Won’t Bleed, Shrink, Fade or Unravel. Each piece is Professionally Crocheted with 40+ years of experience! A true test of a professionally crocheted piece is the finished edges and no loose threads. That’s exactly what you’ll get from a Jewels Designs Hand Crocheted Work of Art. Each blanket is made to last for generations and is of heirloom quality. We hold the only pattern for our blankets and each is a Limited Edition Piece. They will never be over produced. So get your Dad something he will love and be able to pass down to his grandchildren. Get him a Jewels Designs Sports Team Blanket. If he’s a member of a Club, we can re-create his club emblem.


Professionally Finished Edges







Email: JewelsDesigns@artlover.com

My 365 Days of Art: Day # 117


                                                                       Jewels Designs Baby Blankets-Set #2

Ribbed Waffle Baby Blanket  32″ square                                                     Half Price Sale:  $45.00

Blue & White Shell Baby Blanket   40″x 41″                                             Half Price Sale:  $50.00

Lilac Waffle Baby Blanket  34″x 36″                                          Half Price Sale:  $45.00

Hello Kitty Zebra Print Blanket  56″x60″                                    Half Price Sale:  $100.00

More Beautiful, Ultra Soft Hand Crocheted Baby Blankets. Hand Crocheted with High Quality Yarn. Professionally Finished Edges. Easy Care, Machine Wash & dry. Made to last for Generations. Heirloom Quality. Will not Bleed, Shrink, Unravel or Fade. Makes a great gift for your next Baby Shower and/or Birthday Party. More Designer Originals from Jewels Designs, Baby Blanket Gift Shop. Custom Orders Accepted. Limited Editions. We hold the only Patterns for these pieces and we guarantee that they will never be over produced. Check out these blankets and all of our other designer art pieces at Jewels Designs.







Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com

My 365 Days of Art: Day #116


                                                                                 Jewels Designs Designer Baby Blankets-Set #1


Mint Stripe Baby Blanket  48″x 52″                                         Half Price Sale:  $50.00


Creamy Candy Baby Blanket  33″ square                                     Half Price Sale:  $42.00


Popcorn Baby Blanket  41″x 48″                                     Half Price Sale:  $50.00


Pastel Ripple Baby Blanket  45″x 50″                                Half Price Sale:  $75.00


Blue Boy Baby Blanket  30″ square                                                         Half Price Sale:  $42.00


Beautiful and Ultra Soft, Hand Crocheted Designer Baby Blankets. Made with High Quality, Ultra Soft Baby Yarn. Easy Care, Machine Wash & Dry. Professionally Finished Edges, won’t bleed, shrink, unravel or fade. Made to last for generations. Heirloom quality pieces. Imagine giving one of these as a gift to your next baby shower:-) More Designer Originals from Jewels Designs, Baby Blanket Gift Shop. Check out these pieces and all of our other art creations at Jewels Designs. Custom Orders Accepted. Limited Editions. We hold the only patterns for these blankets, and they will never be over produced.









Email:   JewelsDesigns@arflover.com


My 365 Days of Art: Day #114


                                                                                        Jewels Designs Handmade Bedspreads- Set #2


Midnight Waves Ripple Bedspread- 56″x 65″                                        Half Price Sale: $100.00


Pink & Purple Ripple Bedspread- 67″x 68″                                         Half Price Sale:  $100.00


Pastel Shells Bedspread- 70″x 76″                                       Half Price Sale:  $150.00


Pumpkin Patch Blanket- 59″x 77″                                               Half Price Sale:  $200.00


Black & Red Plaid Blanket-  55″x 74″                                          Half Price Sale:  $200.00


More Beautiful Hand Crocheted Designer Blankets. Made with High Quality, Easy Care Yarn. Machine Wash & Dry. Will not Fade, Bleed, Unravel or Shrink. Professionally finished edges. Made to last for generations. More Designer Originals from Jewels Designs, Bedspread Gift Shop. Great for gift giving, for that special someone on your list who appreciates fine craftsmanship. Check out these blankets and all of our other art pieces at Jewels Designs. Custom Orders accepted. Limited Editions, we hold the only patterns for our crochet items, they will never be over produced.









Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


My 365 Days of Art: Day #113


                                                                              Jewels Designs Hand Crocheted Bedspreads Set #1

Half Price Sale


Chinese Dragon Blanket  55″x 85″                                                  Half Price Sale:  $250.00


Chinese Luck Blanket  60″x 97″                                    Half Price Sale:  $250.00


Dusty Ripples Blanket  60″x 97″                                           Half Price Sale:  $125.00


Autumn Leaves Bedspread  $80″x 95″                                            Half Price Sale:  $200.00


Americana Blanket  60″x 70″                                        Half Price Sale:  $200.00


Tommy’s Pride Blanket  78″x 108″                                                        Half Price Sale:  $200.00


Beautiful Hand Crocheted Designer Blankets. Each pieces is professionally hand crocheted with high quality yarn, and made to last for generations. Easy Care, Machine Was & Dry. Won’t Bleed, Shrink, unravel or fade. Edges are professionally finished. Patterns are exclusive to Jewels Designs and our creations. Our blankets will never be over produced and they are all Limited Editions. Each piece is a work of art and make fantastic gifts. These blankets are a part of our Jewels Designs Bedspread Gift Shop. We do accept custom orders if you have something particular in mind and/or you want a different size. Check out these blankets and all of our other designer art pieces at Jewels Designs. All of our blankets are half price right now! The first two blankets are Cherry Red & Black (not orange & black).











Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com





My 365 Days of Art: Day #111


                                                                           Jewels Designs Sports Team Blankets  Set #2


Green Bay Packers    45″x55″

Pittsburgh Steelers    45″x 55″                                                                      HALF PRICE SALE:  $125.00


Vintage Dale Earnhardt Jr (old #8)     50″x 70″

Jimmy Johnson (Jimmi)  48″x 70″

Jeff Gordon  35″x 70″                                                             HALF PRICE SALE:  $200.00


Beautiful Hand Crocheted Sports Team Blankets. This is our second set of blankets, we posted our fist set yesterday (#110). These pieces are made with High Quality Yarn. They’re easy care Machine Wash & Dry. They are made to last for generation, and have professionally finished edges, and won’t fray, bleed, unravel or shrink. They are backed with our complete guarantee and 40+ years of crochet experience and they’re on sale right now. Designer Originals, Exclusive Limited Edition Pieces from Jewels Designs Sports Team Blankets Shop. We hold the only patterns for these blankets, and they will never be over produced. Check out these pieces and all of our other art designs at Jewels Designs. We do accept Custom Orders for any team. All we need is a clear photo and three weeks to crochet the piece. We take great pride in every blanket we create, but our NASCAR Blankets are our favorites! The color changes in these pieces are amazing and extremely  time-consuming. They are truly a work of art!












http://www.facebook.com/groups/418829284810487/       The Sellers Group



Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


My 365 Days of Art: Day #23


                                                            Jeff Gordon Blanket


Believe it or not, this Jeff Gordon Nascar Blanket, is Hand Crocheted! It’s a Limited Edition Designer Original from Jewels Designs. The process for this blanket was intense: first I had to have the idea, all great things start with an idea:-) Then I had to tape about 20 pieces of graph paper together, then with thousands of tiny X’s I had to chart out the design, then I had to add the colors with felt markers, then the chart had to be laminated for protection. Last but not least, and a huge undertaken, I crochet the piece! Especially on this blanket, the color changes are massive! The entire process from start to finish, took about 200 hours! This type of crochet is called Intarsia and/or Charted Crochet and it’s my specialty. As of right now the Charted Patterns are not for sale, but I do take custom order for this blanket and other Nascar and Sports Team Blankets. I can even create one for your team, and all I need is a clear photo! If you like this piece, you’re going to love are other great blankets in our Sports Team Blanket Shop. We have many teams available, everything from the; NY Giants, to NY Yankees, the 49ers, Steelers, Mets, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Dallas Cowboys, Packers, and many many more. Go and have a peek, you’re going to love what you see!

Links: http://www.JewelsDesigns.org/jeff_gordon_blanket.html




Email: JewelsDesigns@artlover.com