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My 365 Days of Art: Day #188—-You Asked For It!!!!


                                                                YOU ASKED FOR IT, AND WE’RE GIVING IT TO YOU!!!!!!!


                                                   JEWELS DESIGNS IS HAVING A PARTY AND YOU’RE INVITED!!!!


Join us for our first On-Line Sidewalk Sale! Recently we had a local Sidewalk Sale in our home town, and we were asked by our on-line friends,When were we going to have an on-line sidewalk sale?


                                                                                    You asked for it and you got it!!!!

                                                 Click on our sign below and join us for the BIGGEST SALE on the net!!!



**All of our Designer Jewelry (including our Madame Steampunk Line), all of our Ice De Cristal Components & Cabochons, and our Fiber Arts Line, are all on Sale! This is not just any sale this is a Priced To Move Sale, and everything has been reduced 75% to 90% Off of the original price!!!!

**As a special Bonus, we will give the first 100 people a Beautiful FREE GIFT from our designer inventory! Keep it for yourself or give it to that special person on your gift list. The Holidays are just around the corner and we can all use some deals and of course a Free Gift or two!!!

**We’re not sure how long this sale will run right now. It can go anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. We will let you know in advance when it will be over.

**If there is anything left over after the sale, we will NOT be putting it back on Jewels Designs, we will be selling it off line, locally.

**After the sale is over we will be closing Jewels Designs for updates. We do not know at this time how long we will be down. Jewels Designs is getting a new look and a new product line that we know you’re going to love!



Email: JewelsDesigns@artlover.com

My 365 Days of Art: Day #164


                                                                                          Jewels Designs Prices are DROPPING!!!!


                                                                 **We start are price cuts with our Ice De Cristal Accessories-Page- 1.**


Cristal Peach & Blue Rose Cuff      SALE:  $14.00


Cristal Cone Flower Cuff    SALE: $18.00


Lime Rose Cuff     SALE:  $14.00


Cristal Garden Necklace     SALE:  $26.00


Cristal Charm Bracelet   SALE:  $18.00


Douceur De Vivre Bracelet     SALE:  $18.00


Papillon Fleur-1 Bracelet     SALE:  $18.00


Papillon Fleur-2 Bracelet    SALE:  $18.00


Oiseau Fleur Bracelet      SALE:  $18.00





Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com

**Click on the links or the Photos for more details.**

My 365 Days of Art: Day #163


                                               Jewels Designs is going to be Re-Vamping Our Website, AGAIN!!!!


Jewels Designs is going to be going through a few changes in the months to come. First off we will be having a Sitewide, Sidewalk Sale. We will be reducing all of our Designer Jewelry and Books to ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!!!

Then……. we will be taking shops out and adding new shops. We are determined to give our customers what they really want! We’ve had many suggesting and requests from our loyal customers and we now have the means and determination to give all of you want you really want.

All we ask is that you are patient with us as we go through all of changes and updates. We will let everyone know when we will be set up for our Sitewide Sidewalk Sale.

Check Back Often For All The Details!!



Email: JewelsDesigns@artlover.com

My 365 Days of Art: Day #162


                                                            Jewels Designs Sidewalk Sale Was A TOTAL HIT!!!!!


Jewels Designs Sidewalk Sale was a HUGE success and I would like to thank everyone in my home town who came out and participated/purchased from me.

The weather on Saturday, was not good! It rained most of the day, but people still managed to come out in record numbers!! We have some really hardy people living here in Up State NY!!!

I have been asked by my online friends if I would be having a sale online anytime soon? Since I have a lot of merchandise left over I will be having a Sitewide Sidewalk Sale in the near future, so keep your eyes pealed for more details!



Email: JewelsDesigns@artlover.com

My 365 Days of Art: Day #151


                                                                                            Jewels Designs Detash Boxes are on SALE!!


Pearl Detash Boxes

400+ Pieces, SALE: $30.00 FREE SHIPPING US ONLY (we pay half the shipping if shipped outside the US!!!

Beautiful & Economical Pearl Detash Boxes, now on SALE on Jewels Designs, Yardsellr Page! 400+ Premium Glass Pearls are included in every box. Sizes: 2,4,6,8,10,12mm. This box of pearls is great for any aspiring jewelry artist and/or professional Jewelry Artisan. Beautiful and Brilliant describe these pearls!!! Use them for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, key chains, beaded clothing, ie, wedding dresses, shawls, dresses, shoes, etc……… We also are offering, Jewelry Detash Boxes:


400+ Pieces SALE: $30.00, Plus FREE SHIPPING (US ONLY, if you live outside the US we pay half your shipping)

400+ Assorted Jewelry Findings & Finished Pieces.


More Beautiful Jewelry Detash Boxes!! 400+ Pieces of Jewelry Findings & Finished Jewelry Pieces in one box! Jewels Designs Yardsellr Page is having a Detash Box Sale, get yours while they last! All Premium Brand New Pieces. Great for aspiring Jewelry Artist and/or Professional Artisan. Each Box has an assortment of items to make, bracelets, Earring, Necklaces, key chains, everything you need is included. No two boxes are the same. Purchase your boxes while they’re still available.

Brilliant Colors!!!




Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


My 365 Day of Art: Day #145


Vintage Dale Earnhardt Jr Blanket


Standard Size: 50″x 72″

Sale Price:  $200.00 Plus Shipping


I call this a “Vintage” Dale Earnhardt Jr Blanket, because it’s Juniors original number 8, and a Collectors Piece. Where do you think you could find an item with his original number? Do you know someone who LOVES Earnhardt Jr and would like a blanket like this one? Check out Jewels Designs Sports Team Blankets for all of our designer original pieces. All of our blankets are Hand Crocheted with Premium Yarn. They’re Easy Care, just Machine Wash & Dry, and they won’t bleed, fade, shrink or unravel. Our Blankets are Professionally Finished and there are no loose threads! All of our NASCAR blankets are extra special, because it takes a lot of time and effort to get them to look like the above piece. These are Charted (Intarsia) Crochet Blankets, and this one has 5 colors changes, which is very difficult. These blankets take longer to create (longer than our 2 color pieces), 6-8 weeks, but they are well worth the wait. If you would rather have Juniors current number we can do that too! Custom Orders are always welcome at Jewels Designs. We can re-create any team/club logo-Emblem in our design, just send us an email with your preference. Makes a fantastic gift for any sports enthusiast! These are all Limited Edition Art Pieces, that will never be over produced, we guarantee it!


No Loose Threads!


Professionally Finished Edges!






Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com