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My 365 Days of Art: Day #158


                                                                                        Ice De Cristal Flowers-Series #5


Hello Kitty Flowers-Size: Blue: 45mm, Yellow: 35mm-Sale Price: $3.25 each  (limited quantities)


Yellow/Orange Flower-Size: 3″-Sale Price: $3.50 each (eleven flowers available)


Red Mums-Size: 4″-Sale Price: $3.50 each (eleven flowers available)


Red/Orange Flowers-Size: 5″-Sale Price-$4.00 each (fourteen flowers available)


Yellow Flowers-Size: 4″-Sale Price-$3.75- (four flowers available)


Imagine these Ice De Cristal Flowers, as Hair Accessories? Use them to embellish your Purse or Tote Bag. Add them to your Sandals. There is no limit to the uses of these beautiful life-like flowers. Use them for all your Summer Craft Projects! Check out all the Ice De Cristal Components on Jewels Designs.





Email: JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


Hello Kitty Bracelet-Sale Price: $28.00


Ice De Cristal Tutorial



My 365 Days of Art: Day #155


                                                                                                    Ice De Cristal Flowers-Series #3


Orange Mums, Size: 3.5″  , $3.50 each (25 available)


Ruby Roses,  Size: 3.5″,  Sale Price: $3.50  each (5 available)


Amethyst & Yellow Cone Flowers, Size: 50mm, Sale Price:  $3.00 each (seven available)


Add these Beautiful, Life-Like Ice De Cristal Flower to your next craft project! Embellish your purse, shoes and/or Hair Accessories. What will you make with these Exclusive Designer Original Flower Components from Jewels Designs. We have a large assortment of components to choose from at Jewels Designs.

Orange-Red-Peach Flowers, Size: 40mm, Sale Price: $3.00 (limited quantities available)


Assorted Yellow Flower Set, Size: 35 x 20mm,  Sale Price:  $6.00 (6 piece set ) (one set available)


Sugar Yellow Rose, Size: 60 x 90mm, Sale Price:  $5.75 (one available)







Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com


Oiseau Fleur Bracelet, Sale Price: $34.00  One-of-a-kind Piece


Ice De Cristal Tutorial


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My 365 Days of Art: Day #154


                                                                                 Ice De Cristal Flowers-Series #2

Ces Fleus Sont Pour Vous-2  Size: 40mm, Sale Price:  $3.00 each

Mixed Pink Sugar Rose, Size: 110mm,  Sale Price: $8.00 (one available)

Baby Blue Roses, Size: 35mm,  Sale Price:  $2.50 each (save $$ when you buy in bulk)

What creative thoughts come to mind when you see these Ice De Cristal Flowers? What would you embellish with them? Another Designer Original from Jewels Designs. Add them to all of your craft projects. Bring a little Summer Flair into your wardrobe. We have a large variety of these Flower Components to choose from. Check them out at Jewels Designs!

Cream & Lavender Flowers,  Size: 25mm,  Sale Price:  $3.50 each (save $$ when you buy in bulk)

Purple Flowers, Size:  40mm,  Sale Price: $3.00 each (limited quantities)

Yellow Roses,  Size:  40mm,  Sale Price:  $3.00  (limited quantities)






Email:  JewelsDesigns@artlover.com

Douceur De Vivre Bracelet,  Sale Price: $38.00,  One-of-a-kind piece.

Ice De Cristal Tutorial

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My 365 Days of Art: Day #153


The Ice De Cristal Flower Series- #1

Yellow/Orange Cone Flowers-Size: 50mm. Sale Price: $3.00


Pink Trumpet Flowers-Size: 50 x 60mm. Sale Price: $3.00


Ces Fleur Sont Pour Vous-1-Size: 40mm. Sale Price: $3.00 each.


Blue & Green Flowers-Size: 40mm. Sale Price: $3.00 each


What can you create with Jewels Designs, Ice De Cristal Flowers? These beautiful life-like flowers can be used for a number of different craft projects. Everything from Jewelry (our design featured below), Hats, Shoes, Flip-Flops, Keepsake Boxes, Party Favors, Hand Bags, Hair Accessories, and the list goes on and on…… Prefect little flowers for all your Summer Crafts. Check out out Tutorial and see how we made these unique pieces of art. Check out Jewels Designs for more beautiful designs and components. An Exclusive Design from Jewels Designs, Ice De Cristal Shop.


Sugar Red Roses-Size: 65 x 100mm-Sale Price: $6.00

60 x 100-Sale Price: $5.50


Pink Flowers-Size:40mm-Sale Price: $3.00 each


Purple Flowers-Size: 40mm-Sale Price: $3.00


Sugar Cream Pink Roses-Size: 60 x 70mm-Sale Price: $5.25

60 x 60mm-Sale Price: $5.00

30 x 60mm-Sale Price: $4.75









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Jewels Designs One-of-a-kind, Cristal Cone Bracelet-Sale Price: $34.00


   Ice De Cristal Tutorial


My 365 Days of Art: Day #82


                                                                                                Madame Fannie Porter Earrings





Beautiful Madame Frannie Porter Earrings are 3″ long, and come in three color choices. They’re made with Silver Findings, Cog Wheel Connectors, Hook Earwires, Yellow, Turquoise, and Purple Acrylic Flowers and Swarvoski Crystals. Another Designer Original from Jewels Designs, Madame Steampunk Jewelry Line. These a great Spring & Summer Earrings, and would make a great gift. Check out these earrings and all of our other Handmade Art Pieces at Jewels Designs. One-of-a-kind.












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